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We live in beautiful Northern California just miles from the Kings River and High Sierra Mountains. We have luscious Pomegranate trees with hundreds of big beautiful ruby pomegranates. Hand-picked and hand-packed with love, just for you. The juicy red seeds are filled with goodness in every bite. There are also many uses for the Pomegranate rind, so literally every part of the pomegranate has a purpose. This is our home. We live on two acres, and grow purely organic. We do not use pesticides or insecticides on or near any of our fruit trees, so these truly are grown by nature. Pomegranates are hand-picked the same day they ship in order to ensure maximum freshness and deliciousness! Pomegranates make wonderful gifts too! The fruit is shipped directly from the tree. Fruit may take a few days to fully ripen. Each pomegranate weighs approximately 1 lb. (give or take a few ounces). We offer some of the best prices out there! 20 pomegranates $69.95 / 40 pomegranates $99.95 We ship within the 48 contiguous US.

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