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Blue Rooster Farm is a family owned and operated beef and sheep farm located in the Ridge and Valley region of South Central Pennsylvania. Our sheep and beef rotationally graze on approximately 50 acres of pasture. During the winter they are fed grass and alfalfa hay purchased from neighboring farms. Our beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed. We do not fatten on corn or other grains, rather we aim to have our beef finish on grass in about 18 - 20 months. We do not use synthetic growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. In order to grow our beef quickly on grass and hay, we select for small-framed Black Angus cows and bulls. Our sheep are predominately North Country Cheviot - a hardy, flighty, stocky breed who give our Border Collie, Mac, a run for the money. We also raise pastured Berkshire hogs. We do both farrowing and finishing on our farm. Our piglets are left on their moms for 8 - 10 weeks and raised in near-peer groups on pasture paddocks and large barnyard pens where they graze, root, and compost our the barn pack left by the sheep and steers over winter. We seek to practice excellent soil health stewardship, as well as maximize pasture production through good management. We winter feed (hay) in an improved paddock and a Pennsylvania-style bank barn to avoid soil compaction and nutrient leaching. We sell whole lambs; whole, halves, and quarters of beef and wholes and half hogs. Call to pre-order. We also sell a variety of beef, lamb, and pork cuts through three local CSAs and buying groups. Buying meat in large quantities can be a daunting task if you are new at it. We will work with you to find a way to process your lamb, beef, or pork to suit your life and cooking style. Health and environmental benefits aside, give grass-fed beef and lamb a try for the great taste!

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