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About us... Connecticut Farm to Table Cooperative is a collection of small Connecticut farms working together. Our goal is to provide all natural, local, farm-direct meats year round. Beginning Spring 2014 we will kick off our year round meat CSA in addition to our traditional ordering methods and begin providing 100% organic supplementary feed for most of our animals. We believe that through our combined efforts we will be able to provide a greater consistency of product availability than we could alone. For details on how to order please visit our website: All of our animals have twenty-four hour a day access to all the grass and other forage they care to consume (in season). We don't use any antibiotics or hormones at any point during the raising of our animals. They are all natural in the sense that we raise them in as natural a fashion as we know how respecting them and their instincts to forage each in their own way. We firmly believe that this is the best way to produce the highest quality product.

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