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Falling Ponds Farm is just outside of Newberry, SC. We have about 37 acres which is mostly woods. Our gardens take up up about 15,000 square feet. It isn't a huge "commercial" outfit, simply a family farm where we try to make enough profit to benefit friends, neighbors and others who have "found" us. Due to dangers of theft in our area, we don't have a big sign indicating our location. We sell duck eggs, produce in season, and colloidal silver. We grow mostly heritage vegetables, specifically tomatoes, peppers, melons, okra, cucumbers or whatever grows that year. While not "certified," our veggies are naturally grown. Always call ahead because availability is always dependent on the year and the season. *Our duck eggs are produced by our flock of 70 pasture raised ducks that include five different breeds, selected for their egg laying capability. Our ducks are never fed chemical antibiotics or medicated food. They come into their coop at night where they are protected from predators, fed and provided with hay filled nest boxes where they lay their eggs. *Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural anti-pathogen that kills fungus on plants, provides a natural "antibiotic" for both people and animals, and is used in a wide variety of purposes from treating sunburns, to disinfecting the laundry. It is safe to use both topically and internally; but we are not doctors, so we don't "prescribe" it for anything. We simply use it ourselves and have it available for those who have done their own research and believe it to be beneficial

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