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I am a Certified Organic farmer. On my farm we use many of the farm practices and methods used by our fore parents which we deem "Heritage". Many of our heritage practices enhances our Organic practices. We have been certified organic since 2007.I am trying to continue the vision that we had of growing good food for our self and our community. Because of the lost of my spouse and changes in the weather and lack of farm help planting is becoming much more chalIenging every year.I do not have a CSA for the Fall/Winter of 18-19 but I have a good supply of Organic Sweet Potatoes if interested you may reach me at 843-245-0407 for purchase. I have 4 varieties white, Purple,2 reds,and a pale yellow. Varieties that we have been planting and saving seeds for many years. I am hoping for a better spring and opportunity to get back to a wide variety of vegetables please keep in touch. Thanks. Please watch the site, you may be interested in what we have to offer.

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