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Brier Ridge Farm Fresh Herbs is a licensed and inspected nursery in Florida. We specialize in herb plants as well as vegetable plants in season. We generally have several different varieties of herbs, for instance, over 30 varieties of mint, 3 varieties of basil, 5 varieties of oregano, etc. We offer our plants for sale on-line and we ship to most states, excluding Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii. We also grow Moringa, a true super-food with many nutritional and medicinal benefits. Moringa leaf powder, grown and processed in Punta Gorda, is available for sale along with young seedling moringa plants. All plants offered for sale are grown in containers from our own cuttings, using purchased organic potting soil. Nearly all of our home gardening is done in containers and we are happy to offer assistance to customers wanting to grow a bit of their own food. Although we are not technically organic, we do not use chemicals on our farm. Fertilizer is produced by our livestock and recycled into our garden or is purchased organic fertilizer. We have a small flock of young hens started and will have nice brown eggs available for sale in late summer or early fall. Currently, eggs are not available and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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