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B5 Farms is the continuation of family tradition of providing Central Texans with wholesome food. It began with the Boatman Dairy established by Q.C. Boatman (my great-grandfather) in Austin, Texas. He recognized the importance of working with nature and technology to provide the best quality and nutrition to his customers. He registered the B5 brand with Travis County in 1875, and began branding his cattle on the horn, to spare them discomfort and stress. Today the B5 brand is a symbolic link to the past. It is our assertion that some of the old ways are best. Just try one of our many heirloom vegetables and compare them to conventionally produced, synthetically fertilized, pesticide drenched, and chemically ripened produce from your grocery store. The difference in flavor is staggering and recent studies have suggested that many heirloom varieties produce more nutritious fruit as well. We also use non-synthetic fertilizer and compost to nurture our plants and provide an abundance of micro nutrients that aid in the production of vitamin and flavor packed vegetables. With one taste you will understand the pride and honor we feel in offering heirloom vegetables that have been part of growing traditions of other families around the world. The world of heirlooms is beautiful, diverse, and flavorful. They have been faithfully preserved for generations by families, regions, and communities. The result is regional specialization that has lead to specific flavors that we all recognize and crave today. It is our philosophy to provide the best tasting varieties that can be grown in our area by searching the world for similar climate and soil conditions. We then grow them with great care to produce the finest that these regions have to offer and deliver them to your table within hours.

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