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Croft Family Farm is owned and operated by Steve & Michelle Cockroft and their 7 children. Croft is old English for a protected field. We consider ourselves protectors and caretakers of the land and our family has been for 7 generations. Besides having farming in our heritage there were other things that influenced us on this journey to become organic growers. One of our children has battled autism and as we were researching things we came across dietary interventions that really helped him. It became essential to go back to the past and make most of our meals from scratch. From there, with our farming background, it was an easy step to grow and preserve more of our food. Our journey, at that point lead us to becoming organic growers. Not all organic farms have the same practices. Organic farming cannot be held captive in a rigid set of rules. It depends essentially on the attitude of the farmer. Deep-organic farmers, in addition to rejecting the 'just feed the plant' system look for better ways to farm by mimicking the patterns of the natural soil-plant economy. We are proud of our organic certification but even more important to us is engaging in old fashioned deep organic practices.

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