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Crescent Ridge, our family-owned and operated farm and a Dairy of Distinction*, has been dedicated to delivering the freshest, tastiest products to our customers since 1932 when Malby Parrish started making his rounds in his 1928 Chevrolet milk truck. Like we did so many years ago, Crescent Ridge still produces small batch milk that is pasteurized, homogenized, and bottled in glass right here at the farm to preserve the taste of the milk the way it should be, creamy, rich, and delicious. Our products have received national and international accolades. National Geographic has twice named Crescent Ridge one of the 10 Best Ice Creams in the World in its "The 10 Best of Everything: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers" and Men's Journal named our Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar among the 27 of the Best Ice Cream Shops in America in 2014. Crescent Ridge most recently expanded our farm fresh offerings to include locally raised, grass-fed beef and pork products. Raised on our 44 acres of beautiful pasture, our cows and pigs eat well so you and your family eat well. Crescent Ridge will continue to evolve and satisfy our customers' good taste, while holding steadfast to those three important ideals: Family. Farm. Fresh. At a time when colossal mega-companies are hopping on the milk wagon to offer home delivery, we're still here, carrying on the tradition of bringing farm fresh, local products directly from Crescent Ridge to your fridge.

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