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Crooked Sky Farms ( grows and supplies fresh produce year-round for several Arizona Farmers Markets, restaurants and CSAs through subscriptions. Farmer Frank is committed to sustainable farming using organic methods and regionally appropriate crops, resulting in delicious, quality, healthy produce. In order to maintain a sustainable farm and provide quality local produce, Farmer Frank predominately is supported through CSA subscriptions (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA members purchase a subscription for a season of produce which is harvested and distributed weekly to each CSA location. Crooked Sky Farms consists of several fields in Glendale, Waddell, Duncan and Phoenix, Arizona. The locations of these fields are in different climate zones which allow for year round farming and great produce diversity. Crooked Sky Farms uses organic and heirloom seeds and farms without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. The farm uses compost and mulch fertilizer, flood and drip irrigation. What a great way to have healthy fresh produce for your family, as well as build a system that supports local, environmental and social responsibility !!

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