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We are a family-owned, exurban, micro-farm where we cultivate poultry and eggs from happy, range free chickens. What we sell to the public are fertilized chicken eggs for incubation, made up of a barnyard mix. Minimum Order is 5 Eggs for $5.00 Each additional egg is $1 Eggs are produced by free-range roosters and hens. Random eggs chosen. Eggs are NOT washed or refrigerated and have the bloom still on them ready to be used in an incubator or if you have a broody hen. They are collected the same day but none are older than 48 hours. Local pick up only in the area of Citra, FL. Email only please There is no guarantee, refund, return, or replacement on hatching eggs. The eggs will be fresh and the same as I hatch. I do fertility checks frequently; however, I cannot control nature or your hatching knowledge/equipment. I recommend having your incubator up and running 24 hours before the anticipated arrival of your eggs. When eggs arrive, let them settle, pointed side down for approximately 12 hours before incubating. Some of the breeds that eggs might belong to are: Rhode Island Red English Bantam (small) Turken Naked Neck Barred Rock Buff Orpington Easter Egger Black Australorp White Leghorn Frizzie (Galus-Galus) Rampuri asil

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