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Adoni Acres is a family run farm nestled on a beautiful ridge top in Wisconsin. As a family, we work to provide nutritious, whole foods for our customers. Pasture Raised Chicken Our chickens are fed a balanced diet of certified organic, local grain and are moved daily to fresh pasture to graze in open air pens. Once butchered, the birds are packaged whole, shrink wrapped and frozen, ranging between 3- 6 pounds each. Pasture Raised Turkey Free range turkeys must be happy turkeys. A common sound on the farm is the turkeys singing to each other while they graze. Fed certified organic, local grain along with their diet of grass. Turkeys come shrink wrapped for your convenience and are estimated 15-20 pounds each, dressed. * Available for pick up the week of Thanksgiving. Grass Fed Beef Raised on our farm from just a few days old until butcher, our steers live on pasture, and are fed organic hay over winter. *Available seasonally by the half or quarter. Free Range Organic Eggs Our hens are fed a balanced diet of certified organic grain, and are let out to peck on pasture daily. Not only does that make happy hens, but some of the best tasting most nutritional eggs available!

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