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We are a small family run farm located 3 miles outside of Central Square, NY which is basically in the center of New York State. Approximately 10 miles north of Syracuse, NY where the NYS Thruway and Rt 81 meet. Our farm consists of 170 acres with our Hop fields and Mushroom yard located in a "deep forest" setting, a mile from civilization, power supplies and paved roads. Our hops fields ( are surrounded by conifers, hardwoods and natural/planted shrubs and tree seedlings. This vast diversity helps avoid swarm insects, invasive species, "hops related" diseases and viruses associated from adjacent corn fields or other commercial farming and environmental impacts. It also reduces our need to use organic sprays and fungicides for the bines. We grow Chinook Hops for commercial and consumer purchase and have a few rows of Cascade. We are working with many local hops farms, craft brewers and home brew clients who like them for their very high Alpha-acid content, thus getting a better (or bitter) bang for your buck! Our stock is all "certified" disease free plantings. We are probably most known for our seasonal, "Healthy" fresh gourmet Shiitake mushrooms which we routinely provide to many local restaurants in Cayuga, Jefferson, Oswego and Onondaga counties from May through October. Our mushrooms are grown from 100% Certified Organic mycelium and 100% pesticide-free hardwood logs (hops-hornbeam and Maple). These species give our mushrooms a natural caramelly, buttery and maple flavor as compared to the Shiitake mushrooms grown inside, or on traditional Oak. Local restaurants and patrons adore them. See the incredible Cancer fighting benefits you get with "deep forest", "log grown" Shiitakes on our health benefits page ( Our mushrooms are grown Outdoors, under a mature, deep forest hemlock canopy. They benefit from intense forest air flows and a smorgasbord of natural organic pollens. The mushrooms breathe in oxygen and give off Co2 while they feed on the sap wood in the logs producing a healthier mushroom that is 4-10 times more intense than a button mushroom. More uniform tasting with more natural vitamins and flavors, compared to your typical indoor Shiitakes local food distributors supply. That's why the "Top-Chefs" in the world insist upon fresh, natural, Deep-Forest, log grown gourmet Shiitake mushrooms over local food-supplier provided products (Those other local food suppliers grow indoors in enclosed greenhouses and walk-in-coolers, on sawdust blocks and use artificial lighting). ie Leep Foods, Rochester) We also like to schedule harvests, the same day as our deliveries. This way all businesses receive the freshest and most healthy and decorative mushrooms for use that week. To assure your product is fresh, we require larger orders (over 5lbs), to give us a 7-10 day notice. Dedicating ourselves to sustainable agriculture is our goal. We repurpose dead-fall trees and blown down trees for our mushrooms-logs. In addition, we purchase tree seedlings from Oswego County Soil and Water for environmental restoration and annual improvement projects. We also use cover crops and legumes to prevent erosion, feed wildlife and to add overall health to our soils. Working in harmony with the environment is our goal, and giving back is the mission. Hope to hear from you soon! You can contact us year-round to get more information, call us or inquire on our products and services through our website. Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Cicero, Brewerton, Hastings, Mexico, Phoenix, Fulton, Pulaski, Constantia, Oswego, Auburn

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