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We raise Heritage Breed livestock, including Tunis Sheep and Suffolk-Punch draft horses. We also maintain a small flock of free range chickens for organic eggs. Our goal is to preserve many of the old types of farm stock for genetic diversity and for traits such as hardiness, longevity and good pasturing abilities. Tunis are known for their delicious meat and are listed on the Ark of Taste, SlowFood USA. We sell Tunis breeding stock, whole lambs for butchering, wool fleeces as well as natural and dyed professionally processed wool roving. We sell eggs and organic chicken. A portion of our wool is used to create quilt bats used in our quilting business or can be purchased separately in a variety of sizes. We welcome visitors to our farm - please call (517)254-4374 to set up a visit! We are in south-central Michigan, 3 miles north of the Ohio border and about 25 miles east of Indiana.

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