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Located near the start of the Middlefork River, southeast of Paxton, IL, is Cow Creek Organic Farm. Cow Creek is a small family farm owned and operated by Jeff and Rita Glazik along with their four children: Will, Clayton, Dallas, and Abby. Being a small family farm, everyone gets to help when they are home. Many of the products we offer today started as 4-H and FFA projects for the kids. Our conversion to organics began in 2002, because of an interest in sustainable farming practices that preserve the ground and produce healthy, quality livestock and grains. We like knowing where our food comes from and what goes into producing it and being able to provide that for others. Family, conservation, and sustainability are key components on our farm. Life is changing every day and so is our farm. Currently, the grains we raise are corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and forage along with pastureland. Our livestock consists of cattle, poultry, pigs, and horses plus two dogs and four cats. On our farm, all of our animals are fed organic forages and grains with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or other additives. We use a rotational pasture system to provide plenty of fresh air and grass to our cattle and we use portable pens for our poultry and pigs. At the present time we are working on a new fencing project, which will enable us to increase our rotational pastures for our livestock. With increased pastures we will be able to increase our cow/calf herd to meet the growing demand and provide 100% grass fed cattle for interested customers. In the future, we plan to continue preserving the ground for future generations; producing desired, quality, healthy products for our customers; and providing sustainable living for our family.

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