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Broken Fence Farms is a practicing organic farm, we believe in providing our children, our customers, our community with the oppurtunity to eat healthy nutrient laced foods. We believe in water preservation by using drip irragation on all of our plants. We believe in natural soil amendments and revitalization by using organic compost. We believe in methods of weed control that are more natural than chemicals by using corrugated cardboard with aged compost inbetween our beds that add nutrients to the soil rather than deplete them. We believe in using plastic mulch which allows us to control the amounts of water we use and we recycle the plastic at the end of the season.. We believe in using the proper colored plastic mulch and natural plantings to prevent evasive pest on our plants rather than pesticides. We believe in making our own liquid manure fertilizer to feed our plantings. We believe in fencing our planting area with wire to prevent predators rather than harmful methods to foraging animals.

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