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Who We Are Amana Ranch is a small grass-based multi-speciated family farm in Cornelius, Oregon. We grow pasture-raised nutrient-dense meats and eggs in a stress-free and chemical-free environment. Delivery is available within the Greater Portland Area. How it Works Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raised products online on our website. Add the products you like to your order. Receive your farm-fresh products at your doorstep. Our Approach In our grass-based nature-mimicking system, we run a variety of species to copy nature's template of animals working in symbiosis. Our animals are raised stress-free outdoors on pasture and are allowed to express their natural animal behavior and eat natural diets as they would in the wild. This production system not only allows our animals to thrive, but also regenerates the soil symbiotically and enriches the nutrient density of the food produced.

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