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GRASS/CLOVER FED JERSEY BEEF. We are located in northwestern St. Clair Co., 2 miles south of Yale, Mich. We are a family owned and operated farm consisting of 387 acres of tillable, pasture, and woodlots. We have approximately 70 acres of permanent pastureland and we rotate our cropland with clover seedings which we bale as high-moisture hay, for feed for the winter months, and also graze those clover fields. We raise about 20 clover fed jersey steers a year. We have been raising grazing jerseys since 1983. Our beef is fully 2 years old before processing for full flavor. Our jerseys are humanely raised and handled, there are no hormones, antibiotics, or medicated feed in their diet. After 6 months of age, they eat absolutely no grain, only fresh pasture in the growing season, and high-moisture clover hay in the winter months and free choice minerals always. The meat and fat and marbling of jerseys eating only pasture or high-moisture clover baleage has a special sweet flavor. The fat is yellow because of the high beta carotene just like jersey milk. Please call for pricing and availability to reserve your beef today. Pick up only, we do not ship. We also have summer sausage that is custom made for us from our grass fed beef, no MSG or nitrites. We sell that frozen in 1# packages at the Port Huron Farmers' Market at Vantage Point/Maritime Center on the St. Clair River in Port Huron every other Saturday, 8 - 2 p.m. for the rest of this summer, until we are sold out of that also. Our beef, in a variety of cuts and ground, frozen, is also available for pickup 7 days a week at Yale Hardware, 124 S. Main St., Yale, MI 48097. Call 810-387-3322 for store hours. Note: We regret to say we are sold out of beef for the rest of 2020. We have a calling/waiting list for 2021.

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