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Do you ever wish that you could lessen your footprint on the earth? Yes, you need food, but wouldn't it be good to know that it was grown or raised in harmony with nature rather than in a sterile field or filthy feed lot? Our philosophy of farming is to live in harmony with nature. We are blessed to live on nearly 400 acres of rolling glacial till, which is dotted with wetlands and hills, having rolling meadows alternating with woods. We have switched from row-cropping to hay fields and pastures, providing a chance for rain to soak into the soil and to rebuild the topsoil. We have planted trees, native grasses and wildflowers. We have enriched the fauna by providing habitat, cover, and food. We share our bounty with nature. The farm is truly alive. Amidst this lush habitat, our sheep graze, moving from one small pasture to the next. The chickens roam the barnyard and eat grass and clover. The garden soaks up the sun, with weeds kept at bay with mulch rather than herbicides. The day dawns, I look over our farm with fog in the lowlands and find 5 newborn lambs with their mothers on the pasture. The bluebird alights on the fence. The robins chirp. Life is good. On another day, the rain comes before I have the hay baled. Life is not so good, but we accept it and go on and are thankful that the sheep can eat grass even in the rain! We sell grass-fed lamb, eggs from grazed chickens, and garden produce free of herbicides and pesticides. We offer farm tours to those who stay at our Bed & Breakfast (Bluebird Trails Bed & Breakfast), the 2nd old farmhouse on our farm.

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