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Cedar Creek Produce is a small fruit and vegetable farm emphasizing on quality and freshness. We have strawberry, fall red raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry u-pic and pre picked avaiable in season. We also grow all the summer veg. and melons and are becoming recognized for our delicious sweet corn. We have brown eggs, maple syrup {made right here in our own sugar house} and honey (from our own bees, made from the nectar of the fruit flowers that we grow).Also have started raising our own pigs and cattle, fed all naturally, with no growth hormones or additives of any kind. We start with asparagus usually early May and strawberrys in June. We do an extensive display of pumpkins & fall decorations with every color and size of pumpkin available, wierd & warted squash and gourds, straw bales, corn shocks and mums starting Sept. 15.This fall we hope to have a limited supply of bittersweet. Please Call For Hours!

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