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Full Pocket Farm is a working, 15 acre farm which supports a day program for people with diverse needs in Central Virginia. Our mission is to inspire and assist individuals living with disabilities in developing self-reliance, self-determination, and independence through inclusive and meaningful agricultural activities and creative expression. We build life skills and practice vocational skills through therapeutic horticulture and inspired art techniques that explore the talents within. Our approach is holistic in that we address the desires of individuals and the "real life" goals they want to achieve rather than just provide a place to spend the day. Participant "Farmers" choose activities based on their preferences and goals. Options include cultivating plants, working with animals, harvesting crops, tending herb and flower gardens, developing farming skills, woodworking and creating crafts and other marketable products in a nurturing environment with natural supports. Our activities change with the seasons. Full Pocket Farm recognizes and values each person's daily contribution through revenue sharing and group decision making. We encourage exploring interests and mentor those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Community interaction through the hosting of farm events, educating others about what we have learned, and selling what we produce and grow at farmer's markets is a major component of our outreach. Those interested in interning at our farm are welcome to contact us!

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