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B-Z-B Farm LLC is located in Canterbury sprawling over 80 picturesque acres in the "quiet corner" of Northeastern Connecticut. We raise free range chickens and sell farm fresh eggs from hens fed a natural balanced diet. Free range duck eggs are also available on a seasonal basis. Our flock consists of a variety of heritage breed laying hens as well as bantam cochins and India Blue peafowl. In the springtime we offer Araucana, peafowl and bantam hatching eggs for sale. We also raise a limited number of heritage breed bronze turkeys and geese, as we enjoy watching them roam the farm and grace the pond. In addition to fowl, rabbits and cattle, we raise and train Miniature show horses, Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys and Shetland ponies. Several of our champion stock is available for stud to outside mares. Our primary crops consist of silage corn, hay and straw (all of which can be purchased at the farm) in addition we grow ornamental gourds, sweet corn, herbs and vegetables. We now offer our very own USDA processed beef, lamb, veal and poultry for sale right at the farm! Please call the farmer's wife to make arrangements. 860-428-8364

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