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Glen Mary Farm (established in 1654) is located in southern Maryland, just 2 miles from St. Mary's City on MD Route 5. At Glen Mary Farm, we are committed to providing you with everything a local grass-fed farm stands for. We raise our Angus beef cattle and Katadin Sheep in a low-stress environment, rotating them through lush pastures of clean, natural grass with plenty of shade to go around. During the winter months, we supplement their grazing with hay produced directly from our fields and free choice organic sea kelp which is high in protein and trace minerals. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Our cattle are never given growth hormone implants, and naturally stay healthy due to strong genetics and the great environment with which we provide them. Our Beef and Lamb is available in the year round to anyone in whole, side, and quarter quantities. Please call or email for information on pricing and availability. Thank you kindly for considering to support us!

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