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Free Range Chicken Eggs, Brahman and F1 Tiger Stripe Cattle, Wild Flower Honey Our Farm features Free range pastured chicken eggs. The chickens are Australorpes and Rhode Island Reds that lay large brown eggs and Americanas that lay green eggs. The chickens are all free range in the pasture and have a diet of grass, plants and plenty of bugs. Their diet is supplemented with natural scratch grains and oyster shell. Eggs from our farm have dark orange yolks that stand up tall with firm whites. No growth hormones or antibiotics are administered to our chicken flock. Call ahead to reserve your eggs. ( Help the environment by recycling. Bring your empty egg cartons. ) We have Registered Brahman cattle and F1 Tiger Stripes. Our cattle heard is pastured, eating grass and hay. Their diet is also supplemented with natural grains, feed and minerals.No growth hormones or appetite stimulants are administered. We sell steer calves and replacement heifers.. Mid to late summer is when our honey is harvested. Bees have worked all spring and summer to produce honey comb which is packed full of golden wild flower honey. The frames are removed from the bee hive, extracted and the honey jars are filled with the golden liquid. Our honey tastes so wonderful on hot biscuits, it will just melt in your mouth.

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