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Pasture Purefect Beef beef, American Pasturage grass-fed lamb, and pasture raised Elysian Veal that is USDA inspected and contains no pharmaceuticals or added growth stimulants. Free range hen and duck eggs also available. Year around forage is maintained using a rational grazing system consisting of legumes, cool season grasses, warm season grasses, annuals, and stockpiled winter forage. Our meats are available locally at O'Connell's City Center Market and Parkcrest Health Food and Herb Shop, or at the Greater Springfield Farmer's Market. You may also stop by and pick up your meat directly from us at the farm. Plan time for a farm tour if you wish. Choose our Pasture Purefect Beef and Elysian Veal brands to assure premium quality, great flavor, and good health. API meats include the grass-fed benefits of the essential omega-3's, zinc, iron, and beta carotene.

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