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Notice - Wild Morel Season is Approaching! Now accepting pre-orders! Atlanta Gourmet Mushroom is an urban mushroom farm located in west Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated to providing the fine people of Georgia with locally grown, world-class gourmet mushrooms of unbeatable quality. We are also committed to equitable food production and positively maintaining the environment and our community. We currently offer Silver Oyster Mushrooms for sale fresh and dried in small to commercial quantities. We will be soon offering Lion's Mane, King /Trumpet Oyster, Italian Oyster, Pink Oyster, King Stropharia and other cultivated mushrooms. When in season we will also bring wild harvest favorites like morel, chanterelle, black trumpet and crab claw to your table. Our Mushrooms are guaranteed to be the highest quality gourmet mushrooms available in the South East market. We grow, package, and deliver our mushrooms with the utmost care to ensure unbeatable taste, beauty, and healthfulness. Since our farm is an enclosed greenhouse-like environment and we use a host of IPM measures we rarely experience pest problems and thus use a very limited amount of any chemical. We they are necessary we use only OMRI approved product. Our farm is currently in the process of becoming certified USDA organic through Clemson University. The process should be complete in March. We would like to provide our products as "add-ons" or part of the regular offerings for CSA programs. Please contact us if you would like to feature mushrooms in your CSA shares or offer our mushrooms to your CSA members.

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