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We are a grazing farm that thinks in organic terms. Our mission is to provide the local community with high-quality products at a reasonable price. We have a herd of about 40 milking cows. (Holsteins, Linebacks, Jerseys, and crossbreeds.) They are out grazing every day of the grazing season. In the summer we graze as much as we can and in winter they spend more time in the barn, depending on the weather. The ration besides fresh pasture includes stored forage, a few pounds of barley or non-GMO corn, and molasses. We also supplement minerals for their health. We do not use hormones or antibiotics. (we are growing our 100% grass-fed beef herd too) check with us for availability. Finally, the milk is only cooled and bottled. No homogenization or pasteurization. We encourage customers to come to the farm where we can get to know you and you can see for yourself. I tell people "we are not perfect, only practicing." :)

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