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We raise Hereford/limo mixed steers and heiffers for sale we sale 4x5 round bales and have pastured/nongmo eggs,broilers and hogs we strive to raise happy healthly animals for not just our family but for yours we don't to any growth hormones or anything of that matter we move our steers and heiffers around to fresh grass and only feed the best quality hay however if you want grain fed animals we have our van buren/Cedarville farm for that just let us know if you wana go that route now we have been selling out on a lot of are animals we are on the paris and russleville online markets . so if you want we can hold and with a small down payment we can get you started with a steer or hog of your own .. we can do payment plans off 100 a month or more if that helps we know times are hard for everyone good quality meat shouldn't be hard to find or break your bank ... we are on facebook just look under Boydfamilyfarms we are a family with me and my wife our daughter and son my father and mother we all work very hard to give everyone good quality products we can hual animals to the processer of your choice or have it stamped usda and bring it to you . thanks for your time and God bless ...

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