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We are a small family farm and garden. We raise over 2 acres of Organic certified Aronia Berries. We also have several plots of garden produce some that will be certified organic as well. Heirloom breeds are a large portion of our produce. This includes: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, okra, onions, squash, cucumbers, and much more. Small livestock are also a portion of what we do. Heritage breed laying hens fed non GMO feed and put to pasture in the spring provide eggs and sanitize fields. Broilers are raised in our brooder and put on fresh pasture everyday as soon ad possible. Meat goats have recently been added. They are put out to pasture and rotated frequently to prevent disease problems. We try as much as possible to practice sustainable farming practices. Plant rotation, composting, raised beds, deep animal bedding, seed saving, and much more. We like to call it FARMGANIC!

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