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We are a small, diverse Certified Organic vegetable farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of Burlington, Wisconsin. Our farm is deeply committed to sustainable and organic farming practices that produce flavorful, nutritious food from healthy land. Healthy soil grows healthy plants that feed healthy bodies. Therefore, land stewardship is at the heart of our farm, allowing us to produce delicious, healthy vegetables for our customers and nourishing the ecosystem on which we all depend. We use only organic growing methods, always with an eye toward increasing the long-term health of the soil and leaving this planet better than we found it. On less than two acres of land, we grow hundreds of varieties of over 45 different types of vegetables and herbs. Organic, locally grown food is more flavorful, nutritious, fresh and varied than anything you can find at the supermarket. We invite you to enjoy our produce by joining our 2013 Evanston, IL CSA or Wauwatosa, WI CSA, or by visiting us at the farmers' market in Evanston and Tosa.

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