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Our farm offers a diverse range of products--from old-fashioned varieties of apples and pears, intensely flavored blueberries and rasperries, heirloom varieties of roasting squash and pumpkins, to chef's quality Cheviot lamb and specialty lamb sausages. All our crops are cleanly and ethically raised without pesticides or herbicides of any kind. The animals are freely pastured. We have been Tilth certified in the past, and hope to certify again with the lamb and wool from our Cheviot sheep. Cheviot are small sturdy dual-purpose sheep from the Borders area of Scotland. First recognized as a breed in the thirteenth century, their soft springy wool was the foundation for the Border tweed industry, and they continue to be the most popular premium quality meat breed in the British Isles. They are excellent foragers, and unlike the bigger (less-tasty) meat breeds favored by modern agriculture, they thrive on invasive pest plants like the European Blackberry and Scotch Broom.

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