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Breezy Hill Farm is a Missouri Century Farm. Our family has farmed this land over 130 years. We are a Certified Naturally Grown Farm. The farm is located 50 miles east of Kansas City, Mo. We deliver within a 100 mile radius (beef only). We have been raising grass finished beef since 1995. Our animals get ONLY GRASS and our own hay, if needed. No antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides or pesticides are used. We have had a closed herd with a limousin/devon genetics since 1999. We do not augment with sale barn animals. If we are out of beef, we have to wait for the next harvest. Wholes, halves and split halves are available. Meat is processed locally and dry aged for two weeks. Range free pastured eggs are available. We have A2 Guernsey and Brown Swiss real milk available. Visit us at our website, and watch our slide shows and check out our health related links. Breezy Hill Farm, Art Ozias, 62 SW State Route 58, Centerview MO 64019. (660) 656-3409.

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