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All Grass Farms is a diversified "pasture farm" providing our Chicago-area customers with organically grown 100% grass-fed beef, raw milk, pastured, free-range broiler chicken and eggs, and woodland pork. In 2014 we started offering organically-grown vegetables through a CSA program, in 2015 we expanded that to a full-diet CSA offering a weekly pickup of vegetables, raw milk, eggs, chicken, beef, and pork. For the Thanksgiving Holiday, we also pasture raised, organic Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys picked up fresh from the farm. Our Farm Store is open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM , and carries a wide variety of Grass Fed beef cuts, pastured pork, free-range, pastured eggs, raw local honey, plus fresh vegetables and pasture-raised chickens during the growing season. Growing the highest quality, nutrient-dense "clean food" possible is our goal. We believe that clean food is both nutritious and delicious. We believe the way to raise livestock is to provide an environment that is sustainable and mimics their natural living conditions. This means they are raised outdoors on fresh rotated pastures for the majority of their lives, with the omnivores (pigs and chickens) pasture forage supplemented with certified organic, non-GMO feeds. We don't inject or feed our livestock any hormones, chemical dewormers, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, vaccines, or any other type of pharmaceuticals. We only use antibiotics if an animal's life is in danger and we have no natural or homeopathic options for treating them. We keep them happy and healthy with lots of sunshine, fresh air, open space, rotated pasture forages, and a low stress natural lifestyle. We are passionate about being good stewards of the land and want to be socially and environmentally responsible so we can leave the land in better condition for future generations. We don't use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers on our pastures, gardens, or woodlands.? Please visit our website at for more information about our farming practices, pricing & ordering info, and to sign up for our monthly newsletter. Starting the first Saturday in May and running through Thanksgiving, we offer free Farm Tours starting at 2 PM. Meet at the farm store promptly and be prepared to walk the fields and pastures.

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