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Bold Branch Beef is a grass-fed beef farm in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our Angus and ancient Continental breeds (Charolais, and Limousin) are all raised on pasture and a 100% grass-fed and finished diet. Our animals are never given growth hormones, grain, antibiotics, or GMOs. This coupled with two weeks of dry aging, results in a leaner cut of meat that is both healthier and better tasting. Our beef is low in fat and has an almost buttery taste, brought about by the Old World tradition of dry-aging. We also offer free home delivery with no minimum order size in the Greater Lynchburg area and for longer deliveries, we are more than happy to meet you somewhere along the way. While Bold Branch Beef is a young company, we are continuing a family farming tradition that stretches back for over 200 years. Thank you for being part of the pasture-based food community as we seek to continue an old but still very relevant way of life.

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