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Broadacre Farm's 2016 CSA brings you naturally-grown produce with real flavor, from pristine soil north of Menomonie, Wisc. You'll love opening our classic weekly CSA share each Thursday, and this year you can customize just about anything about your experience. Now, you'll be able to choose just what and how much you want us to deliver each Thursday. Our online service will let you schedule vacation holds, place bulk wholesale orders for restaurants and canning projects, and take advantage of add-on services like home delivery and temporary cooler storage. We have convenient free drop-sites in each of our four cities: Menomonie, Eau Claire, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. Our farm works for community and sustainability, so ask about our Permaculture Share (a CSA for long-term tree-crops, fruits, nuts, and other perennials) and our People Share (farmers and eaters joining together to provide food to under-served communities). Join our CSA � choose your level of commitment, and enjoy a real farm experience of a lifetime.

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