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Ashby Pasture is a family farm owned and operated by Caleb and Kristina Coppola, along with their children and parents.

The 150-acre diversified farm is located in Ashby, MA, a picturesque small town in the center of the state near the New Hampshire border.

Ashby Pasture specializes in vegetables, fruit and herbs grown with organic practices as well as pastured eggs, poultry and meats through our custom CSA program.

The Coppola family purchased Ashby Pasture in 2018. The farm previously was operated as a horse breeding facility and prior to that as a summer estate.

Caleb and Kristina are first-generation farmers who grew up in the suburbs with parents who enjoyed gardening.

Caleb has a biology degree and enjoys the science that serves as the basis for biodiverse, sustainable farming practices.

As a diversified farm, we seek to use all-natural and sustainable farming practices that work together to improve our land, reduce waste, provide a quality life for our animals, and ultimately, provide nutritious food for our community.

Food labels and marketing jargon can be confusing and overwhelming. So, we avoid them as much as possible. Instead, here are the commitments we make to ourselves and to our customers.

We believe that caring for our animals, our land and feeding our community is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. We appreciate that you care enough about where your food comes from to read more about our approach. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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