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1) Pigs Ready to Butcher: Hi we have really nice pigs ready to butcher. We sell them for $250 each and we offer free delivery to a local butcher of your choosing. They average 250-280 pounds live weight. Sometimes we do have larger pigs for sale. They average 350-400 pounds and are the same price of $250 (call for availability). 2) Rotisserie pigs for sale: We have nice Rotisserie pigs for sale as well. They will average between 110-140 pounds live weight and 75-100 pounds hanging weight. We will prep these pigs and have them ready for you. This means they will be ready (killed & Cleaned ready to cook) these pigs sell for $175. One pig will feed around 65 guests. If you would like a live pig that weighs 110-140 pounds they sell for $150 and you can take them home and prep them yourself. 3) Suckling: These pigs are by far the best! A suckling pig is a small pig that will fit in your oven. They typically weigh 15-25 pounds. A suckling will feed around 15 people. They are very popular around the holidays and they are extremely simple to prepare but the flavor is exquisite. They sell for $125 and will be ready to cook as well. - If your interested in any of these options please call Amber at 208-539-2199. All of these options will require a deposit. Typically people prefer to mail us the deposits but we do take credit cards over the phone as well. Thanks

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