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Apple Acres Farm has been in the Johnson family since 1949. Leighton (aka Pappy) Johnson bought the farm and started raising apples and chickens. The apples survived, chickens didn't. 30 years later, Pappy was ready to retire so he put the farm up for sale. Son Bill couldn't bear to see it sold so quit his job and moved his family back to the farm in 1979 where he continued (and still does) the apple farming tradition. He replanted many of the old orchards, built a beautiful gift store, acquired a commercial cider press and slowly built the business up. Today, Bill, his wife Marilyn, 4 children and grandchildren all help run the farm. In the last few years they have started a new line of gourmet apple products, put on an annual Bluegrass Festival at the farm, host a number of family-friendly events and continue to add new attractions every year. Visit our website often to find out what is going on at the farm and help continue the Johnson apple farming tradition.

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