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Dégagé Gardens began as a local self-certified organic farm which serviced a local 25 mile radius of restaurants, & health food stores with its' potted organic seedlings in the spring; fresh organic herbs, flowers & veggies in the spring, summer (wineberries!!), & fall; and eco-handcrafted aromatherapy products in the winter. Due to an extended period of illness, I have had to change from that original plan. A lack of energy & focus has brought my focus to the more relaxing part of my business. So, instead of only eco~handcrafting in the winter, I'm doing it all year long! From late summer through fall I am still hand~harvesting & gently drying small bunches of flowers & herbs in Rockaway, to make into delightful organic eco~handcrafted sachets, body wraps, eye pillows, & skincreams. Thankfully, all of the herbs & flowers I grow for my products are drought~resistant, deer~resistant & come back naturally each year!! Yes, even the annual calendula drop their seeds!! With my lack of care, & even with fallen fencing all the strongest have survived!! All of my seed, soil, & fish emulsion is certified organic! Most of my seed & root stock came from organic farms in Maine & Vermont. Many varieties are heirloom (the cream of the crop with the best taste & survival record!) & most are open-pollinated (which means you can save your own seed!!). Companion planting, crop rotation, & hand-picking are my means of insect control. Most handcrafted products are packaged in cellulose bags. Thinned trees from property are used for fence posts, raised bed borders, & mulch. The rocks unearthed in building gardens are used for walls, raised planters & critter security! For a complete list of my eco~friendly ways visit: : ) I am available for presentations on how organic growing is beneficial to you, other growers, the environment, future generations & our economy.

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