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Dark Horse Farms is a small family owned farm. We raise and sell Icelandic sheep, heritage breed Narragansett turkeys, and farm fresh eggs. We do not use hormones, pesticides, or medicated feed of any kind. Icelandic sheep are one of the worlds oldest and purest breeds of sheep. They were brought to Iceland by the Vikings in the Dark Ages and have remained virtually unchanged since then. Icelandic lamb is considered the "gormet lamb" because of its wonderful and mild flavor. All of our sheep are horned (the breed comes in horned and polled bloodlines). Our sheep are hormone free and are never given medicated feed. Lambs are born in the spring (March and April) and are ready to be weaned at 4 months of age. Breeding stock are available for purchase at age 4 months and up. Lambs wanted for meat purposes are ready starting in early September. Be sure and reserve your lambs early as they sell quickly! 2020 Lambs are here! Icelandic wool is very soft, beautiful and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is excellent for hand spinning and felting. Our farm sells raw and washed wool and may have some spun skiens of yarn available. Colors are: black, black/grey, and white. We also sell tanned sheep pelts and horned skulls. Narragansett turkeys are a heritage breed that are able to breed, incubate and raise their young without any help from humans (unlike the "Butterball" turkey which cannot). Young tom turkeys dress out at about 15 pounds. Young turkey hens are less. Our birds are free range during the day and have the run of the farm. They are confined to a poultry barn at night for safety reasons. They are fed free-choice non-medicated comercial feed, and forage by themselves for bugs, lizards and a variety of plants and grasses. These turkeys have a LOT more flavor than store-bought birds. We have young birds available starting in the spring and full sized young birds around the Holidays. They sell out quickly around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so reserve one well before Thanksgiving! We have fresh free-range eggs. Our laying chickens are Rhode Island Reds, Production Reds, Barred Rocks, Black Australorps and Buff Orpingtons, Amaracaunas, Speckled Susexx, and Silver Laced Wyondott. Amaracaunas lay blue and green eggs. Our hens are fed non-medicated commercial laying pellets and can forage all the bugs, plants and grasses they would like. They have the run of the farm and are only confined in their poultry barn at night for protection from predators (foxes, coons, etc.) Please call for egg availability or to reserve some. We sell out quickly! Eggs are available year round, but are most plentiful in the spring. Dark Horse Farms also boards horses and provides riding lessons in both English and Western riding for people of all ages and abilities. Stalls are large and are equiped with box fans. There is a large riding arena available as well as a 60 foot round pen and a 3 horse wash rack. Horses are turned out on two large shaded pastures when the weather is nice. The pastures are rotated once a month. The empty pasture can be used for riding and there is a small trail through the woods around the pond in the back of the property. We use fly predators (tiny wasps) to help control the fly population naturally. Horse trailer parking is available at no extra cost. Sorry, no stallions. Farm tours are available by appointment.

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