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Farm On Wheels certified Organic 100% green grass-fed finished, grain free Beef & Lamb. The Chicken, Eggs, Heritage & Heirloom Turkey, Duck, Goose raised humanely on unrestricted open pastures without soy or corn. Certified Organic since 1994. Over 130 USDA fresh frozen cuts to choose from. Some Nitrate and MSG free. Also available Sweet Corn Aug-Sept, Pork, lard, Butter. Green Grass Creates animal products that are nutrient dense with the highest levels of CLA conjugated Linoleic acids, Omega 3, carotenoids, antioxidant vitamins, minerals, essential proteins. We enjoy participating in peoples quest to find a better healthy life through more nutritious food. In buying our products you leave the lightest environmental footprint possible. Thank you for supporting our local sustainable organic multi-generation family farm. We believe where & how you spend your money you can change the world. Grass-fed since 1988.

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