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Based out of Mayslick Kentucky, Artisan Valley Farm was founded in 2013 by successful businessman and Amish Farmer Perry Coblentz, along with Wesley Newell, who is a retired Construction Manager and Cattle Farmer. Both Perry and Wesley share a passion and vision for local sustainable farming and a local food system to serve consumers in the Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH area. Together they've teamed up to organize a group of Amish farmers in their community to aggregate and distribute quality farm raised products that are grass fed and sustainably produced without the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Artisan Valley Farms is of the firm belief that GMOs have a harmful effect on consumer's health. Learn more about our protocol. Products offerings will include grass fed beef, free-range pork, free-range poultry, grass fed lamb and grass fed dairy products including raw milk, butter, and cheese. The mission of Artisan Valley Farms is to market the very best products to local consumers and to work only with farms of integrity you can trust. The Artisan Valley Farmers share a strong faith base in their family's lives.

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