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Bailey-Ritter Farm is a Missouri Century Farm owned and operated by Richard Ritter and Roxie Bailey Ritter. It has been owned and operated by part of the John and Allie Bailey family since 1899. Now, we focus on raising grass-fed beef with humane treatment. The beef is all USDA inspected. We sell whole, halves and quarters of beef as well as by the individual cut from the farm. We can also work out delivery in the Kansas City Metro area or we can ship beef outside of Kansas City. Our beef is from Lowline Angus genetics. This breed comes from an Angus herd in Australia that was closed in the 1930's for research purposes. The research found that the smaller frame cattle in the heard produced more beef per acre than the larger frame cattle. In the 1970's the herd was dispersed and continued to thrive commercially in Australia. the first Lowlines were brought to the United States in 1996. Lowline cattle can produce great tasting, tender beef on a full forage diet.

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