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Our beef comes from cattle raised naturally on our family farm located just east of Columbus, Indiana. The beef herd is run by Trevor & Brett Glick who are the fourth-generation to be raising beef cattle on this farm. Our cattle live the way cattle are meant to live, enjoying room to roam and grazing on grass and forages. Our cattle are treated with respect and handled humanely. They’re never fed grain or animal by-products. We raise Angus and Angus mix cattle, which produce tender, tasty beef and we never treat them with drugs, growth hormones or antibiotics. You’ll taste the difference in your first bite. Raising beef cattle properly and ethically requires commitment to sustainable farming practices, including careful management of delicate ecosystems and natural resources. We work to preserve local wildlife and plants and avoid overgrazing—that makes grass-fed beef a great choice for you and the environment. Our beef is available as a whole, half or quarter calf worth of meat. Many customers have found that a quarter will fit nicely into their kitchen freezer. A quarter is 90 - 100 lbs of beef. Of that approximately 45% is hamburger, 30% roasts and 25% steaks - this estimation will vary based on the individual animal as well as your selection of cuts. Please call to reserve your calf. Processing is done every Fall. We will also be at our local Columbus farmer's market every Saturday during the summer selling ground beef and other cuts of beef.

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