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Adoption Acres gets its name for how our family was formed. Mom and 3 kids are we... joined forever by adoption in November 2009. We moved to our small 4-acre farm in August, 2010. Since that time, we've been working very hard to create a small, sustainable agricultural business. Our motto is "Local Food from our Family to Yours". We currently have chicken and duck eggs available for sale on the farm in our self-serve sales room. In the summer, we will have chicken meat available. We raise Freedom Ranger meat chickens, which were developed in France to be a superior pasture chicken. We are really pleased with how the chickens did on pasture and the quality of the meat is outstanding! Duck meat is available is limited quantities only and must be pre-ordered. Turkey will be available in the fall. Please consider pre-ordering your turkey. We focus on rare and heritage breeds as we believe in preserving and protecting the many diverse breeds of livestock that exist. Adoption Acres is also home to a small flock of sheep. We are starting to raise Kathadin sheep which are a hair sheep (no shearing!). We've been raising heritage breed pigs the last few years focusing on Mulefoot pigs. We find the meat quality to be outstanding. We also produce honey in small quantities. Honey is generally available in September. At this point, all sales are on the farm. Please consider becoming a fan of our Adoption Acres business fan page on Facebook. We welcome calls and emails.

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