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Our little Farm is still young. But we have lots of enthusiasm and we love to work to produce foods that are healthy for our family and in a way that lovingly enhances our Beautiful Earth Mother. This is good for us too! Early in the year, we teach classes on Shiitake Mushroom Inoculation. And we grow Shiitake mushrooms for food. We also have Aquaponic Classes with Andy Rodgers. All through the year in the Green house. We teach Chicken Keeping for Beginners. Check our Website for dates for all these classes. Currently we have Wheatgrass Flats and frozen wheatgrass cubes. We produce Kombucha Cultures and teas for those brave enough to try this sparkling, and wonderfully unique taste. Very healthy. We have our own local bee hives and sell our raw honey in pints and quarts. Gilmer County Bee Keepers President John Tackett, teaches classes during the year on Honey Extractions and in January and February a New class on Getting your Hives Ready for spring. We grow the usual heirloom veggies, plus some unusual things. We also LOVE to wild forage for foods like wild blackberries, Black Walnuts, Chestnuts, Dandelions, Parilla or Shiso and Lambs quarters, wild persimmons, to name a few. We have" Day Free Range" Chickens we keep just for eggs. The girls are allowed to roam all day, eating whatever they like, from morning until they go in the Roost Room at night. But then we lock them in or we should say, lock out the predators, from getting at them while they sleep. So they are safe and sound little divas. We also prepare "Platters" for them which contains any of the following: rice, wheat, barley, egg shells, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, Bananas( their favorite treat) egg yolks and lots of tomatoes and fresh veggies from the garden.We feed them Organic pellets and NON GMO scratch grain too. They LOVE a Kombucha Mother to snack on. We grow and sell native plants. Anything from Bottle Brushes to figs. We enjoy what we do here, and if we can show that in any way, it would be in what we can produce here and in the ways we do it. ..with great love for our environment, naturally, using no chemicals for fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides. Thank You!

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