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We have a traditional farm, farming the way it was done in the 50ties and 60ties. We raise Holstein steers, and hair sheep Animals are not given hormones or antibiotics, unless they are sick. They are fed alfalfa hay, corn, and oats that are raised on our farm, and some pasture is available for them. Holstein steers are generally leaner than beef type cattle. Visitors are welcome. Animals are delivered to Eickman's Processing in Seward, IL or they can be picked up live from the farm. Value of animals depends on weight and current market price, so contact us for a specific price, availability, and time of processing. We require a $100.00 deposit at the time we schedule the animal into Eickman's and total payment before the meat is picked up. We also can sell bulk oats, corn, straw, and hay. Contact us with questions.

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