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Our farm is located in the heart of wine country here in Geneva, Ohio. We are surrounded by wineries south of the Grand River and sometimes trail ride through the local vineyards. Although we have raised five foals from the well-regarded stallion, Thunder our main focus is raising beef cattle. Our heard includes breeds of Hereford, Angus and Charolais cattle. The name "Backyard Bulls" originated because we started our farm with two angus bulls, who although bold and magnificent, were uncommonly well mannered. Ever since then everyone has been amazed at the mild temperament of several bulls raised on our farm. Being parents of two teenage children, the main purpose of raising cattle is to instill principles, values and understanding into the little punks! Cleaning the barns, feeding the animals and working with their steers to show in the Ashtabula County Fair makes for tough and responsible young minds. There is plenty of work to be done on the farm and storing hay for the winter is one chore that everyone really enjoys. It is a great workout and weight loss program. We bale somewhere around 2400 bales each year of our own hay, which is fertilized with good old fashioned cow manure cleaned from the barn during the previous winter. We grain all of our animals twice a day, each getting about 10 pounds of grain per serving. Mostly, this keeps the animals coming to the barn on a regular schedule and keeps them used to human interaction. Please visit us at backyardbullsfarm

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