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We are a small pasture-based meat farm. We (Aaron and Melody) own and operate the farm in beautiful Pleasant Hill, Oregon. We raise raise chicken, pork, turkey and eggs. All of our animals are out on pasture where they are free to forage what nature has to offer. They are supplemented with an Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Feed. Our farming philosophy is really quite simple: Keep it simple and sustainable. We started on our farming journey because we wanted to provide the healthiest, best quality food possible for our family. We use no antibiotics or hormones. No synthetic sprays. We feed only certified organic feed, or feed that we grow using organic practices. We are not certified organic, we feel it is more beneficial to our consumers to have an open farm policy. We welcome you and your family to come see how your food is being raised and grown! We are very transparent in the way we do things. We would love to get to know you as your Farmers and Friends!

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