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Greetings! The Fellow Workers farm is a small community apothecary currently located in Providence, RI. I am growing and foraging medicinal plants with a focus on underused local plants, weedy and/or invasive plants, tree medicines and nervines. I love plants and keep that love with me while making the plant medicine-which is done on a very small scale by hand. I also facilitate plant id walks, coach people on health issues, and help build personalized first aid kits. Questions and inquiries are welcome, but please note I cannot make health claims. Please use e-mail directly to Fellowworkersfarm@gmail to insure a quick reply. Please do not expect reply during nights , holidays or weekends. Neither phone nor online comments are reliable if a reply is needed right away. Thank you. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery via USPS. If express delivery is needed, please request that BEFORE ordering. Fellow Workers Farm is a very small business, and the shipping and reply schedules reflect that. Please note: herbal tinctures do NOT automatically come with instructions for use. Please research your desired dosage, and/or seek a personal consult. Thank you for understanding. **ALL information provided is educational only. I do not diagnose. I recommend you research herbs and speak with an herbalist and/or health care provider. If you experience any unusual symptoms, stop using herbs. Herbs are not a replacement for emergency medical care. Use common sense. Always start with a low dose.**

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